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" We Motivate for Success and Invest in our Clients to Plan for a Lifetime of Recovery "

Quantum’s Oceanside Recovery specializes in the treatment of substance abuse, including alcohol and prescription medications, as well as co-occurring behavioral health and pain management issues. Located in Florida, we provide a safe, private recovery retreat within a therapeutic environment that inspires healing, personal growth and transformation. Comprehensive treatment options are inclusive of evidence-based research and best practice psychological services, holistic alternatives, traditional twelve step facilitation, and experiential therapies. Our elite drug and alcohol treatment program is designed to respond to the specific needs of individuals who require clinical excellence, a premier level of care, and a comfortable place to overcome addiction.



Bio feedback bio sound therapy

State-of-the-Art Innovative Treatment


We are pleased to offer our clients with the latest innovation in addiction treatment - Biosound Healing Therapy. A state-of-the-art tool that integrates Biofeedback, Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, and Guided Imagery. The healing power of this therapy program helps alleviate anxiety, restlessness, and high blood pressure while educating our clients on how to effect positive changes on their own - without medication!

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Recovery fort he working professional

Specialists Helping Professionals Achieve Sobriety


The specialization of our services extends beyond the disease of addiction. We offer a solution focused program that is designed exclusively for the working professional. If you are seeking qualified and licensed expertise in the treatment of substance abuse, our team has an unparalleled understanding of the unique and specific needs of current and former business, legal and medical professionals who require a premier level of care, privacy and respect.

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Pain management

A Permanent Solution to Chronic Pain 


Often at the core of addiction is unresolved or persistent pain. Numbing pain with vicodin, oxycontin, heroin or alcohol without properly addressing it and exploring effective strategies to overcome it will only make the pain worse when you finally feel it. Our pain management track provides integrative treatment options and education for individuals dealing with chronic pain issues.

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