Rat Park Experiment

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After reading this blog post I remember thinking at first wow, who knew they were doing studies on rats

about addiction, and how interesting the information gathered is. I feel confident in saying that a huge

question on everyone’s mind who’s dealing with addiction is “why?”. This post gives an example about

you and the next thirty people you see being on a drug for the next twenty days straight; then trying to

quit on the twenty-first day. Your body would then need the chemical, therefore you are addicted.

That’s how simple it is to become addicted to drugs. Further on in the blog, the study on rats begins;

first solo rats are placed in an unhappy cage where they can make the choice between regular water and

drugged water yet they continue to return to the drugged water until they kill themselves. Once the

experiment is altered and the rat is then provided with a happy cage the rats then try both the drugged

water and the regular water, but only the unhappy rats continue drinking the drugged water. This is

believed to show the connection between happiness and drug use. So many people struggle with

addiction, is it possible that pure happiness is the cure to this disease? If you believe this experiment to

be true, this could very well show that the cure has been found.

Think about a drug addict who has been arrested for possession of a substance, this individual is now

sentenced to do some time in jail; what happens when they get out of jail?

There is a significant amount less of job opportunities open to them now compared to before they got

arrested. Society will forever view this person as a criminal, which weighs heavily on this individual. In

Portugal drugs are decriminalized and the money that was typically used to arrest addicts is now spent

to rehabilitate addicts. They are set up with secure housing and subsidized jobs so they feel they have a

purpose in life. They are taught how to reconnect with others again and how to manage their feelings.

This approach is acting out the “Rat Park Experiment” in real life; the addicts are given a purpose in life

which they may not have felt they had before. By simply giving someone a job you are making them feel

as if they have something to look forward to every day. During the time the individual was using they

may have lost contact with people who did not support the lifestyle they were living, teaching the

individual how to reconnect with those loved ones again will also help the individual feel better


Citation: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/johann-hari/the-real-cause-of-addicti_b_6506936.html

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