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As of September 30, 2006, it became somewhat more difficult for a person with a cold, and a lot

more difficult for persons desiring to make methamphetamine from decongestant ingredients,

to readily obtain adequate OTC cold medicine for their needs. This is due to a federal law to stop

the manufacture of methamphetamine in illegal meth labs found in homes, garages, or

basements. To achieve this objective, the new restrictions require customers to show a picture

ID to purchase cold medicine such as NyQuil Cold & Flu, Actifed Cold & Allergy, and Claritin- D.

These and similar decongestant products that contain drugs that can be converted into

methamphetamine must be kept behind the store counters in most states. Customers must

sign a logbook identifying what they purchased and where they live. The logbook remains on

file for two years. This law restricts purchase to 3-6 grams of product/day and 9 grams/ month.

In Oregon and Mississippi these medicines are only available by prescription.

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