Referring Professionals

Quantum’s Oceanside Recovery is the solution! The value we create for our clients by restoring the meaning and purpose back into their lives is a direct reflection of our dedication to providing quality services. We want to make your experience with Quantum’s Oceanside Recovery professional and simple.

¨  Professional Referral      

¨  Legal Referral      

¨  Organization Referral


Quantum’s Oceanside Recovery commits to providing :

  • Immediate responses to referral-based inquiries

  • Professional and seamless intake process

  • Efficient unparalleled communication

  • Assurance that your client/employee will be taken care of properly

  • Respect and Privacy for all parties involved


To initiate a referral, please contact us at (885) 708-0333.


For your convenience, you may also complete an online Referral Form.


Thank you for choosing our treatment program to facilitate a life changing experience for your client/employee.

Quantum’s Professional Resource Network


We take pride in establishing meaningful trustworthy relationships with community resources to improve the quality and accessibility of services our clients receive when they return home.  Our Professional Resource Network is comprised of clinical professionals located all over the nation.


If you are interested in joining Quantum’s Professional Resource Network, please contact (855) 708-0333, to speak with our Director of Operations.


For your convenience, you may complete an online Quantum Professional Resource Network Form.