INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP) is a group based, non-residential, structured intensive counseling and education program that is offered three hours per day, three days per week. Our intensive outpatient program is offered to individuals who have successfully completed residential treatment as a "step down" service or to individuals who require a more intensive level of care as a "step up" service from outpatient treatment.

OUTPATIENT COUNSELING is delivered on an individual, group and/or family basis. A treatment plan will be developed for each client to identify the goals and objectives to be accomplished during the course of outpatient counseling. Treatment specialization includes, but is not limited to: substance abuse and addiction, stress management, family conflicts, pain management, conflict resolution, vocational/workplace problems, and gender specific issues.

DETOXIFICATION is offered on an outpatient basis to individuals who would like to eliminate alcohol and other drugs from their life. Clients participating in the detox program are monitored by medically trained professionals for up to three hours per day for five days.

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